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Portrait Puzzle Piece

July 6, 2009
Teresa's Piece of the Group Photo

Teresa's piece of the Chelsea Painters group collage

My heart just has not been in the ‘puzzle piece’ assignment someone in the Chelsea Painters thought up. A photo of the group was taken and blown up the nearly life size. Then, the enlargement was cut apart, with each person in the photo representing a puzzle piece. We are to paint ourselves, in whatever style we choose, and to the exact size of our puzzle piece. These paintings will be put back together to create a life-sized collage of the members of the group.

Maybe it’s because I don’t care for the picture of me, or maybe because my mind has been busy with other things. At any rate, while I can paint a creditable portrait, in the end I decided to do something symbolic for this project. The water represents my soul, the green of the trees represents my heart, and you can see shooting from those the many ideas exploding in my head. Or, maybe I’ve just got the fourth of July on my brain!

At any rate, despite my lack of enthusiasm for this project, I think the end result will be very interesting. There are a lot of talented people in this group and the variety of visons and styles should produce something that viewers will want to spend time exploring.

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